Sandhurst Residence

Work completed in a private Sandhurst residence, which included the kitchen, bespoke display units, dressing rooms, bathrooms, bespoke furniture, panelling and built-in cupboards. View the video or gallery below:


Cherryhill Woodcraft has designed and built a number of bars and drink serving stations over the years. From traditional to contemporary, we build and install bars using only the finest woods and veneers.

Evolution of business – a dodo in wolf’s clothing

Evolution is an unavoidable force of nature. In the end, eat or be eaten. In business, evolution is often somewhat trickier than simply developing ferocious K9’s. It is generally not something we think about actively as we run around managing staff, cash flow, suppliers, income streams and deadlines. How often have you woken up on a Friday morning, and wondered what has happened to the week past? Or the last month? Or the last quarter? Before you know it, five…